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Short nameAccession no.Specificity 
1027R  pB-03775 Bacteria 
1046R  pB-03777 Bacteria 
1046R  pB-03736 Bacteria 
1050R  pB-03806 Bacteria 
1061R  pB-03765 Bacteria 
1061R  pB-03807 Bacteria 
1061Rv  pB-03813 Bacteria 
1099F  pB-03724 Bacteria 
1100R  pB-03780 Bacteria 
1114aR  pB-03796 Archaea 
1114mcR  pB-03800 Nanoarchaea 
1114R  pB-03728 Bacteria 
1391R  pB-03836 Bacteria 
1391R  pB-03778 Bacteria 
1401R  pB-03731 Bacteria 
1406mcR  pB-03801 Nanoarchaea 
1407R  pB-03729 Bacteria 
1492R  pB-03824 Bacteria 
1492R  pB-03711 Bacteria 
1492R  pB-03771 Bacteria 
1492Rc  pB-03761 Bacteria 
1513mcR  pB-03802 Nanoarchaea 
217kF  pB-03794 Nanoarchaea 
27F  pB-03784 Bacteria 
27F  pB-03817 Bacteria 
27F  pB-03708 Bacteria 
338  pB-03782 Bacteria 
343F  pB-03720 Bacteria 
347F  pB-03721 Bacteria 
39F  pB-03785 Bacteria 
41F  pB-03786 Bacteria 
511mcR  pB-03798 Nanoarchaea 
515mcR  pB-03797 Nanoarchaea 
517F  pB-03756 Bacteria 
518F  pB-03714 Bacteria 
518R  pB-03716 Bacteria 
518R  pB-03818 Bacteria 
519mcF  pB-03795 Nanoarchaea 
520F  pB-03772 Bacteria 
527f  pB-03819 Bacteria 
530F  pB-03779 Bacteria 
533F  pB-03789 Bacteria 
533R  pB-03803 Bacteria 
534R  pB-03725 Bacteria 
536r  pB-03820 Bacteria 
630R  pB-03810 Bacteria 
63F  pB-03787 Bacteria 
64F  pB-03788 Bacteria 
68F  pB-03823 Bacteria 
6F  pB-03783 Bacteria 
784F  pB-03722 Bacteria 
784F  pB-03764 Bacteria 
798R  pB-03726 Bacteria 
802R  pB-03774 Bacteria 
803R  pB-03727 Bacteria 
805R  pB-03842 Bacteria 
806R  pB-03752 Bacteria 
8aF  pB-03791 Archaea 
8F   pB-03769 Bacteria 
8f, 616V  pB-03814 Bacteria 
8F, pA  pB-03843 Bacteria 
8mcF  pB-03793 Nanoarchaea 
907R  pB-03718 Bacteria 
908R  pB-03790 Bacteria 
909F  pB-03770 Bacteria 
909F  pB-03811 Bacteria 
917F  pB-03723 Bacteria 
917F  pB-03804 Bacteria 
917Fw  pB-03812 Bacteria 
926r  pB-03821 Bacteria 
934mcR  pB-03799 Nanoarchaea 
967F  pB-03735 Bacteria 
967F  pB-03776 Bacteria 
967R  pB-03872 Bacteria 
968F  pB-03730 Bacteria 
970F  pB-03805 Bacteria 
986F  pB-03773 Bacteria 
9bF  pB-03792 Bacteria 
A109f  pB-03837 Archaea 
A16F  pB-03834 Archaea 
A21f  pB-03815 Archaea 
A2F  pB-03832 Archaea 
A329  pB-03839 Archaea 
A333F  pB-03833 Archaea 
A519F   pB-03755 Archaea 
A519R  pB-03757 Archaea 
A616D  pB-03868 Archaea 
A693r  pB-03840 Archaea 
A806R  pB-03758 Archaea 
A8f (Bergen)  pB-03857 Archaea 
A934b  pB-03838 Archaea 
Ab779F  pB-03742 Archaea 
Ab789F  pB-03739 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
Ab906F  pB-03740 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
Ar9r  pB-03816 Archaea 
Arch_344F  pB-03766 Archaea 
Arch1017R  pB-03768 Archaea 
Arch1048R  pB-03863 Archaea 
Arch1492R  pB-03750 Archaea 
Arch20F  pB-03712 Archaea 
Arch344F  pB-03831 Archaea 
Arch349F  pB-03747 Archaea 
Arch516F  pB-03748 Archaea 
Arch855R  pB-03767 Archaea 
Arch8F  pB-03749 Archaea 
Arch915F  pB-03875 Archaea 
Arch915R  pB-03746 Archaea 
Arch934F  pB-03830 Archaea 
Arch958BF  pB-03852 Archaea 
Arch958BF  pB-03851 Archaea 
Arch958F  pB-03858 Archaea 
Arch958F  pB-03871 Archaea 
Arch958R  pB-03841 Archaea 
Arch958VR  pB-03853 Archaea 
Arch9Fa   pB-03854 Archaea 
Arch9Fab  pB-03856 Archaea 
Arch9Fb  pB-03855 Archaea 
B1055f (Bergen)  pB-03762 Bacteria 
b341F  pB-03808 Bacteria 
b785  pB-03809 Bacteria 
Bac1046Rb  pB-03864 Bacteria 
Bac1046Rc  pB-03865 Bacteria 
Bac1046Rd  pB-03866 Bacteria 
Bac927R  pB-03710 Bacteria 
Bac967Fb  pB-03859 Bacteria 
Bac967Fc  pB-03860 Bacteria 
Bac967Fd  pB-03861 Bacteria 
Bac967Fe  pB-03862 Bacteria 
Bact340F  pB-03828 Bacteria 
bact363F  pB-03705 Bacteria 
Bact531R  pB-03704 Bacteria 
Bact806R  pB-03829 Bacteria 
Bakt_341F  pB-03844 Bacteria 
Bakt_805R  pB-03845 Bacteria 
bio-pBR5'.SEF  pB-03846 Bacteria 
bio-pJBS-V3.SEF  pB-03847 Bacteria 
bio-pJBS-V3.SER  pB-03878 Bacteria 
B-V3.ASR  pB-03849 Bacteria 
E806R  pB-03759 Bacteria 
GM12R  pB-03850 Bacteria 
GM3F  pB-03717 Bacteria 
GM4R  pB-03719 Bacteria 
P1425  pB-03870 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
P338f  pB-03826 Bacteria 
P518r  pB-03827 Bacteria 
P609D  pB-03822 Bacteria 
P609R  pB-03876 Bacteria 
P63F  pB-03825 Bacteria 
P699D  pB-03867 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
P699R  pB-03869 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
Parch340F  pB-03733 Archaea 
Parch519R  pB-03734 Archaea 
pBR-V1.ASF  pB-03877 Bacteria 
pBR-V1.ASR  pB-03848 Bacteria 
pH   pB-03781 Bacteria 
Pra46F  pB-03732 Archaea 
Primer 2  pB-03715 Bacteria 
Primer 3  pB-03713 Bacteria 
R357  pB-03706 Bacteria 
U1053F  pB-03741 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U1053R  pB-03874 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U1510R  pB-03745 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U1517R  pB-03835 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U341F  pB-03737 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U515F  pB-03751 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U519F  pB-03753 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U529R  pB-03743 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U751F  pB-03738 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U779F  pB-03754 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
U906R  pB-03873 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
UA1406R  pB-03709 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
UA1406R  pB-03744 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
Uni1390R  pB-03760 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
Uni1392R  pB-03707 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 
Uni522R  pB-03763 Bacteria, Archaea, Eukarya 


If you use probeBase as a tool in your published research, we ask that this paper be cited:
Loy A, Maixner F, Wagner M, Horn M. 2007. probeBase - an online resource for rRNA-targeted oligonucleotide probes: new features 2007. Nucleic Acids Res. 35: D800-D804.  Full text
Suggested wording: (i) "Oligonucleotide probe sequences have been deposited at probeBase.", or (ii) "Details on oligonucleotide probes are available at probeBase."
by Alexander Loy, Frank Maixner, Michael Wagner, Matthias Horn
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