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rRNA-related web resources
 ARB 16S/18S rRNA database and software environment for sequence data
 SILVA Resource for quality checked and aligned ribosomal RNA sequence data.
 The Ribosomal Database Project II (RDP) 16S rRNA database and online analysis tools
 Greengenes 16S rRNA database and ARB compatible online-workbench
 'The All-Species Living Tree' Project Curated rRNA datasets and trees including all
    sequenced type strains of hitherto classified species of Archaea and Bacteria.
 probeCheck A central resource for evaluating probe and primer specificity
 TestProbe SILVA Probe Match and Evaluation Tool
 mathFISH A web tool for the computational evaluation of RNA-targeted FISH probes
    using Mathematical models
 PICODIV rRNA Probes for Protists and Cyanobacteria
 RIDOM Ribosomal Differentiation of Medical Microorganisms
 EzTaxon 16S rRNA gene sequence of type strains of validly published species
 5S ribosomal RNA Database

 Sapelo Island Microbial Observatory (SIMO) 16S rRNA Database

 rrndb rRNA Operon Number Database
 CRW The Comparative RNA Web Site
 The Ribosomal RNA Mutation Database
 The RNA World Website Lists of links on RNA related topics

Taxonomy of Prokaryotes
 Bacterial Nomenclature Up-to-date

 List of Bacterial names with Standing in Nomenclature

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